Welcome Message

You are cordially invited to the 5 Asian Chemical Biology Conference (ACBC-5), held August 20-22, 2018 in Xi'an, China. ACBC-5 is dedicated to demonstrating how chemical means are leveraged to tackle important challenges in biology, reflecting on the related discoveries and applications with translational value, discussing the new ideas and trends of chemical biology, as well as raising the profile of chemical biology in Asia. A wide range of contemporary research areas in chemical biology will be presented in this special event.

ACBC-5 serves as an important Asian forum that brings together cross-disciplinary scientists from academia, non-profit organizations, government, and industry to communicate new research and to help translate the power of chemical biology to advances in human health. As per its tradition, the scientific committee will ensure the high quality and diversity of the scientific program, together with the accessibility of the meeting to graduate students.

The best scientific researchers will gather at ACBC-5 to share the goal of using chemical methods/technology to develop a better understanding of biological processes and to harness these processes for the common good. The objectives of the ACBC-5 are to promote knowledge and research in the field of biological chemistry and to enhance the bond of this discipline to other branches of science.

We look forward to seeing you at ACBC-5 in Xi'an, China!