Embassador International Hotel, built by Xi'an Engineering Investigation and Design Research Institute of China National Non-ferrous Metals Industry, which located in the southeast of Xi’an city and adjoined the Big Wild Goose Pagoda and Tang Paradise.

Top-level hardware facilities and excellent service will be brought perfect experience for all the guests. The hotel has 380 fully-functional guest rooms, cozy and graceful Chanson All Day Dining Western Restaurant, classic Celebrity Bar, exquisite and luxury Hong Kong Brisk Banquet Chinese Restaurant and astylar Yongning Grand Ball room. We will make efforts to embody the warmth of this city and show our hospitality to all the honored guests.

Embassador International Hotel enjoys convenient surrounding transport. It has Metro Line 3 just in front, which can reach the railway station; it is 43km away from Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, and 3km away from Qujiang expressway exit, which is the ideal choice for your self-driving travel.

 ► Travel information

Adress: No.46 Xi Ying Road,Xi'an,China

Mail: Embassador@qjintlhotel.com

Tel: 0086-29-68799999

Website: www.qjintlhotel.com

 ► Xianyang Airport:

Airport bus:

Take the airport bus terminal bus station, Terminal 2 Station to the textile city bus stop, walk 170 meters to the textile city station take the Metro Line 1 Tonghua door, get off to No. 3 subway to the North pool head station , D exit, arrived at Qujiang International Hotel.

City starting: 

the first class 06:40     last 20:40

Airport departure: 

the first class 08:20     last 20:20


25 RMB

Take a taxi:

1 hour 4 minutes 60.5 km, about 170 yuan Taxi

 ► Xi'an North Station:

Subway Line: 

Take the Metro Line 2 Xiaoxiang get off, take the subway line 3 North Kittou get off, D exit, walk 370 meters to reach Qujiang International Hotel

Bus line: 

Walk 640 meters to reach Xi'an North Station, take the 263 bus Dahua 1935 station transfer 801 bus, North Pool head station, walk 540 meters to reach Qujiang  International Hotel.

Take a taxi: 

1 hour 1 minute 24.2 km, about 64 yuan Taxi

 ► Xi'an Railway Station:

Bus line:  

Take the 41 bus to the Guanyin Temple Station, walk 100 meters to reach Qujiang International Hotel.

Take a taxi: 

38 minutes 10.5 km, about 24 yuan Taxi.